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How Nonprofit Leaders Can Focus Their Time

How nonprofit leaders can focus their time

Anyone who runs a nonprofit organization knows there is never enough time to do everything you want to fulfill your mission. There are only so many hours in the day to hire quality staff, recruit and screen volunteers, manage the budget, develop relationships with donors, communicate with the board… and the list goes on.

So, how do you decide where you should focus your time? CM Select has identified four areas in which you can bring the most value to your organization.

  1. Develop your people. Your staff and volunteers are your biggest asset. Show them how important they are to you by offering continuous training and development opportunities. Few people are content sticking with the status quo at work for years and years—offer them chances to grow and learn new aspects of their job. Even if you don’t have formalized training programs, you can provide job shadowing opportunities or stretch assignments. This has an added benefit of making life easier for you in the long run—the more your staff and volunteers can do, the less you will have to tackle yourself. Did the pandemic impact your volunteer base? Check out our previous blog post “Building Back Your Volunteer Base” for tips on bringing volunteers back to your organization!
  2. Invest in technology. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic offers an excellent recent example of why it is so important to invest in and use modern technology. But really, investing in technology has been a must for many years now. Consider using a multi-faceted approach across a variety of platforms to engage your donor base, offering live-streaming options for meetings and events, and consolidating your data in easy-to-use systems.
  3. Focus on impact. If you are in a leadership role in your organization, you will want to continue to focus on the areas that drive your organization’s sustainability, such as long-term strategic planning. Taking the time to build or revisit your organization’s strategic plan and business model will ensure you have the ability to meet the needs of your clients and community for years to come.
  4. Enhance or expand your marketing reach. When times are hard, it can be tempting to chip away at the marketing budget. But that’s exactly when you need to ramp up your marketing efforts—particularly in this digital age. It’s a good idea to have an excellent, easy to navigate website; a robust social media presence; and a network with whom you can engage in your campaigns. Additionally, remember that not all marketing costs money—some types cost time and creativity from your staff, which is an especially important commodity in these difficult economic times. If you’re looking for cost-effective marketing tactic tips, check out our blog “5 Easy, Low-Cost Strategies to Market your Nonprofit”.  


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