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Self-Inspection Safety Checklist

Accidents, fires, thefts — so many of the tragedies that occur at worship centers can be avoided with a few simple precautions. The Self-Inspection Safety Checklist is designed to help you prevent or reduce property, liability, theft, workers’ compensation and vehicle losses. We have organized the checklist to correspond with areas of concern — kitchens, furnace rooms, outside areas, etc. — to make it especially easy to use as you walk through your facility. Along with the checklist, we suggest you keep a calendar that notes the dates you do your inspections and includes a timetable for improvements.

Risk Management Program

• Do you have an accident prevention policy or mission statement?

• Are there written performance or accountability standards and objectives for managers and supervisors to:

• Reduce injuries and illnesses?

• Enhance workplace health and safety?

• Have you established compliance activities and programs?

• Is there a designated agency safety coordinator?

• Do you have any health and safety committees?

• Have you established written safety rules and practices?

• Do you offer health and safety training and education?

• Do you conduct health and safety inspections/surveys?

• Do you practice loss prevention and control techniques?

• Have you established health and safety promotion and awareness programs

• Have you established accident investigation and reporting procedures?

• Do you have a procedure for workers’ compensation claims management?

• Do you offer early return to work programs?

• Do you have emergency response procedures, including notification of authorities, parents and church officials?


Click to view and download our Self-Inspection Safety Checklist.


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