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Make Activities Safer for Your Congregation

Due to the sheer number of people who use your building each week, your worship center is a prime location for an accident to occur. However, many potentially tragic accidents can be prevented with a bit of foresight and planning. Use this resource to help prepare for and prevent accidents at your facility.


When you stop and think about it — your worship center is a prime location for an accident. Large numbers of people use your building. And your facility probably has stoves, kitchen utensils, ladders and other equipment that increase the risk of injury. But many potentially tragic accidents can be prevented with a bit of foresight and planning.

The best place to start is at the beginning: include safety in your plans for any activity. Being prepared is often as simple as having a first-aid kit available. And when you’re concerned about safety from the very start, you’ve taken an important step in cutting down the chances of an accident.


You can set up your own emergency procedure and distribute it at the organizational meetings for all activities. That way, everyone will know what to do if an accident or injury should occur, and the victim will receive help as quickly as possible. In case of serious accidents, even a few minutes can be critical.

  1. First, make the victim as comfortable as possible. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE THE VICTIM. Keep him or her warm. Administer first aid only if you have the proper training.
  2. Next, call an ambulance and the police or fire departments as necessary. Where available, call 911. Don’t forget to give the address clearly and distinctly.
  3. Get the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  4. Notify the victim’s family. Avoid undue panic — explain the situation calmly. Tell the family that you have called an ambulance and that help is on the way. If the ambulance has already arrived, tell the family which hospital the victim is being taken to.
  5. Cooperate with police and fire department investigators. If you are a witness, you can answer questions about the accident. Provide investigators with your list of witnesses.
  6. As soon as possible after the victim has been provided for, and a preliminary investigation has been made, inform your insurance agent of the accident. Tell what happened simply and factually. Provide the names of any witnesses. This will facilitate fast, equitable settlement of claims for those injured.


  • Your building should have at least one fully equipped first-aid kit. Make sure everyone knows where it’s located so you’ll be able to take care of common minor accidents quickly and easily. You also should have a first-aid kit handy in the kitchen, workshop and at all athletic events. Inspect your kit from time to time to keep all your supplies complete.
  • First-aid kits should be visible and accessible. If kept in a cabinet, mark the door with a sign or red cross symbol.
  • Make a list of all members who have certified medical, first aid or CPR training. Try to have at least one of these people present at every activity.

If no one in your congregation has completed a first-aid course, ask for volunteers to enroll in a program. Training is readily available at no charge or at low cost from the American Red Cross®.

Click here to view and download the Make Activities Safer for Your Congregation checklist.


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